Videos from 2011 Program - La Rondine Opening Video (7/15)
Photos by Jen Joyce Davis
Costumes by Charles Caine and AT Jones.
Makeup by Steven Horak
Note: Videos are not high quality.
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please contact the Foundation
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Y. Park with and Ladies Act 1 HD M. Vigil and Y. Park sing Chi bel sogno HD Y. Park sings Ore dolci e divine and scena with ladies HD Ensemble Act 1 HD
M. Vigil & K. Dixon sing T'amo!... Menti! HD Act 2 begining HD Y. Park (Magda) and Jonathan Jurgens (Ruggero) sing Act 2 HD Act 2 Ensemble HD
K. Dixon and M. Vigil
Duet Act 3
Y. Park & J. Jurgens sing Final Scene